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Main Page

News, highlights, con lists and other interesting bits.

Nov 13 '19

Site Map

You are here....

Aug 04 '16

Contact Info

How to get in touch with us OzFoxes!

Jan 03 '10

All About Foxes

A basic FAQ page about vulpines.

May 10 '07

Fantasy Art

Limited edition fantasy convention prints for sale.

Jan 05 '13

Faux Pas Art

Limited edition Faux Pas prints for sale.

Jan 05 '13

Wildlife Art

Limited edition wildlife prints for sale.

Mar 20 '07

Faux Pas: Book 1

Once upon a time, Faux Pas was once a book. Check it out.

Jun 15 '06

Sweet Treats

Order a copy of Marsha RedFox's\ cookbook online.

Jul 22 '10

Recipe Portfolio #1

"Teatime Treats" illustrated recipe prints.

Jan 05 '13

Recipe Portfolio #2

"Historic Treats" illustrated recipe prints for sale.

Jan 05 '13

Recipe Portfolio #3

"A Year From The Garden" illustrated recipe prints for sale.

Jan 05 '13

Christmas Cards

Fantasy, wildlife & Faux Pas Christmas cards for sale.

Nov 19 '18


Two new calendars for 2019

Dec 03 '18


Foxy T-Shirts for sale featuring art by us OzFoxes!

Nov 11 '17

Faux Pas

Faux Pas online, a M-W-F comic, plus Art Secrets & links!

Nov 13 '19

  Faux Pas Overview

An overview of the Faux Pas universe.

Oct 05 '19

  Faux Pas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions re: Faux Pas

Aug 17 '06

  Faux Pas Archive

The online day-by-day archive of Faux Pas strips.

Nov 13 '19

  Faux Pas By Week

The online week-based archive of Faux Pas strips.

Nov 13 '19


Tales of the ShadowWood graphic novel online, updated every Monday.

Jun 12 '17

Art Tips Main Page

The main link page for all our online art secrets.

Mar 25 '04


Our bio page - what it's like to be Fluffy.

Sep 23 '10


Weather, philosophy, and what the cats are doing.

Feb 12 '02


How to link to the FoxWeb, and other fun.

May 28 '03


Links to pages that are linked to the FoxWeb.

Oct 23 '12

Links to Web Rings we've joined.

Nov 07 '06

The Faux Pas Archives can be found on www.ozfoxes.net, hosted by Purrsia.com.