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All About OzFoxes
So you want to know about us OzFoxes, eh?

Simple stuff first: we live in the Ozarks, and we like foxes a lot.

Ozarks + Foxes = OzFoxes.

We don't live in Australia, and no one here is a personal friend of Ozma, the Cowardly Lion, or Glinda the Good Witch of the North. (Really, we're passing acquaintances only.) We do have a strong fondness for both Australia and the works of L. Frank Baum, so our moniker is serendipitous.

There are two OzFoxes here in Oz:

  • Margaret, the talented half of the team
  • Robert, the less-talented half who does everything else.
Professionally we go by R&M Creative Endeavors. We write, edit, draw comics, feed cats, paint wildlife art, write cookbooks, feed cats, write and illustrate children's books, do consulting work in Web programming and design, do electronic and traditional production work for publishing, feed cats, write ad copy, tutor people to use computers, write and play music... and feed cats.

We have three children, all of them cats who are primarily concerned with being warm, cuddled and fed - not necessarily in that order. We manage to keep them all safe and entertained, and sometimes that's the best a parent can hope for.

We don't travel extensively because we are usually chained to our drawing tables and computers. When we're not being R&M CE, we do a lot of volunteer work on behalf of organizations we like (the Library, the Zoo, the Humane Society, PBS, etc.), and periodically go searching for the area's best Nachos. The Lady is a nutcase for chocolate, medieval re-enactment and All Things Celtic, and is exceedingly fond of anything having to do with Robin Hood. (Check out her Website on the subject by clicking here.) Combine Robin Hood and a love of foxes, and you end up with Walt Disney's Robin Hood (animated, 1973) - also a favorite here in Oz.

- or to be more specific: we are very fond of animation, which has been a major influence in our cartoon and comic work.

We're strictly G/PG in the majority of our work because we create stories and comics for kids, and for those who are still kids at heart. We're fluffy, and happy to be that way. Web-wise we are best known for Faux Pas, a comic strip featuring Randy & Cindy Fox, and for cards and prints featuring cartoon and wildlife art (as seen here). We've spent a lot of time admiring and learning about all things vupline, so we have a page devoted to foxes. And there's that Robin Hood thing we mentioned....

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you accept commissions for art/writing?
Folks ask this one a lot. The answer is Yes - though at the moment on a limited basis only. We manage to stay pretty busy with our publishing projects when we're not doing contract work, and we don't like to take on a commission and have it drag on forever. (Not fair to you, too much guilty pressure on us.) We evaluate each commission request individually, and one never knows when a spot might open up in our schedule, so feel free to write.

Can I use your art/writing on my website/report/computer?
Sorry, but no. This is how we make our living - and besides, our creations are rather dear to us. If our commission schedule is open (see above) we can create artwork for your use. Otherwise: if you like our work, feel free to look at it - but please don't copy it. Our lawyer has more than enough of our business as is.

Do you attend conventions?
Rarely, but occasionally. We've been honored a number of times as guests of one convention or another, and each time we've enjoyed ourselves immensely. For the past 22 years we've sent artwork to a variety of conventions, but we're winding down on that a bit to concentrate on contract and offline projects. We will probably continue to send artwork to special, friendly conventions on a limited basis; information on those conventions can be found on our Main Page.

Where can I find some of your work?
If you have a time machine, it's very easy - just let us know and we'll head out with you to pick some up. Otherwise....
    A lot of our work has been industry-specific: comics, graphic novels, fanzines, APAs, advertising, user manuals, brochures, guidebooks, newsletters, display cards, and so on. For the most part it's all gone, having worked its way through birdcages around the world.
    Fandom-based work is a lot easier to come by. Our stories and artwork have appeared in (and are still available from) the following:

  • Best In Show, published by SofaWolf Press - a large collection of contemporary fiction and fantasy "furry" stories
  • The Ever-Changing Palace, published by LX, Ltd. - a fanzine with stories and comics based on the Xanadu series by Vicky Wyman
  • Furrlough and Furrlough: Hit The Beach, published by Radio Comics - a PG "furry" comic
  • Magic Carpet and Women In Fur, both published by Shanda Fantasy Arts - another series of PG "furry" comics
    You can find some of our current work on the FoxWeb Cat-alog. Click here to see prints; here for greeting cards; or here for notecards.

Once upon a time we had a cartoon-illustrated dessert cookbook, Sweet Treats, researched, written and illustrated by the Lady and published by Vision Entertainment. It is still mostly available through the FoxWeb Cat-alog.

Faux Pas, The Book Speaking of out of print: there was once a printed collection of Faux Pas strips published by Plan Nine Publishing, but it died from a long series of production problems. We have a few copies available for sale, but otherwise the book has gone the way of the dinosaurs. There will be other books in the series... right now, we're working out the details. Click here to learn more about the book that was, or click here to check out the strip itself. One way or another, there's four-footed fun for all!

When we're not busy with artwork, Webwork, consulting and so on, we mostly spend our time in our little patch of forest (The Seven Acre Woods), or we can be found working in our garden. We're nature nuts from start to finish, and try to sneak in as much time as possible to enjoy the wildwood.

We can be contacted via the lovely folks at the USPS at:

R&M Creative Endeavors
P.O. Box 273
Fair Grove, MO 65648-0273

- or you may write to us online by clicking here.

We're very big on serendipity, so feel free to write. We'll write back as quickly as we can, depending on our schedule. If you don't hear from us right away, don't panic: no one goes ignored for long!

So: thank you for visiting, and come back often!