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Thngs To Visit Welcome to the FoxWeb.

This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

Once Friday arrives,
The world looks a bit brighter,
At least for awhile.
- A Kicked-Back Haiku    

Oh Frabjous day, it's Friday again! Prepare the celebrations and let the kitties yowl: the weekend is here again!

We promised we'd relate the story of our haunted studio. It goes like this:

The talented half of the team has a nice if somewhat compact studio within which to pursue her various artistic endeavors. It has everything a traditional artist could want, including a pair of drafting tables - one for drawing, one for painting - a north-facing window for even, natural light, and all the basic papers, canvases, paints, pens, inks and brushes one might need to create any sort of artwork.

The room has an old boombox for music and NPR, and an old but serviceable flat screen TV which gets lousy reception but plays older DVDs and CDs just fine. The east window has a sunny perch for multiple cats, bookcases lining the walls filled with reference and inspirational materials, vintage Star Wars curtains on the windows... pretty much everything a cartooning artist might need.

It also has its quirks, like the compact fluorescent overhead light bulb which occasionally allows itself a few seconds of flickering when it is first turned on, reminiscent of ancient warehouses or disused laboratories as portrayed in science fiction. The window frame creaks and thpppts rudely when the wind is from the east... but all in all it is comfy, and suits her purposes well.

And then a week ago, without warning, the flat panel TV started turning itself on at night whenever she walked into the room. The remote control was not underfoot, nor was there any cat in the room at the time, and in each instance the set had been off just before she entered the room. It seemed the TV was inviting her to settle in and work, greeting her with whatever happened to be on at the time. Friendly, but a little unnerving nonetheless - and it only happened at night!

Was some unseen spirit waiting for her, hoping to share an evening of mindless programming on broadcast TV? Was the set itself haunted, perhaps a Speilberg-type gateway to a dimension beyond the pale?

Oooooh - !

It eventually turned out that the culprit was the flaky CFL light bulb. It seems the flickering matched those control pulses used by the remote to turn on the TV, so whenever Margaret turned on the overhead light, the CFL signaled the television to turn itself on. No spooky agencies involved, just random coincidence doing its dance for her entertainment. Amusing, once we figured it out!

This does not explain why one of her drafting tables slowly rose, then excused itself and went to bed - but that's a story for another time.

Whatever interesting events cross your path, we hope you'll find ways to appreciate them and to enjoy the mystery that reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits!

- er, no scratch that. Today is Lincoln's birthday, so think good thoughts about log cabins; and Valentine's Day is Sunday, so get out there and snag some chocolate for someone you really like, even if it's just yourself. We'll be back on Monday, when we can all celebrate Presidents' Day, a federal holiday one week ahead of Washington's birthday. (Even presidents can't catch a break when it comes to celebrating.)

Have a great weekend, and stay spooky!

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