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What a kitten needs
Is what many people crave:
Constant attention.
- A Facebook Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb. It's Friday, post-Thanksgiving, and the stage is set for the month-long slide into Christmas. The stores are seasonally prepared - some for months now - the TV and radio stations are holiday themed, and Mother Nature is edging us towards proper wintry weather. It's a great time to settle back with some leftovers and something hot to drink, and watch the weekend go by,

For some, anyway.

For others, today is the day to rush out and battle for bargains. Black Friday is what the retailers call it, and once upon a time it was the single biggest shopping day of the year. These days, however, "Black Friday" starts weeks early with some retailers, which sorta dulls the thrill of the day after Turkey Day, bargain-wise. Online shopping has alleviated some of the in-store crush as well; but there's still plenty of craziness to be found if one is willing to wander out this weekend in search of excitement.

All of this is lost on our kids, who happen to be cats. They are simply happy to have their humans settling down for a few extra hours of quality lap time. That aside, the humans can do whatever they like as long as meals show up on time. Cats have cat priorities.

We hope you are comfortable with whatever priorities you have this weekend, and that any added excitement is truly exciting and not merely a reason to reach for the Excedrin. Make some extra time for family and good friends as the holidays gear up for real, and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy, whenever you can.

We'll be back on Tuesday. Be of Cheer out there, y'hear? 'Tis the season!

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