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Using a steam room
Will warm you, open your pores,
And cook your veggies.
- A Mutil-Purpose Haiku    

It's Wednesday. Welcome back to the FoxWeb!

So, Wacky Wednesday... here in Oz, that refers to the weather. Today will be in the mid-70s after a rainy Tuesday in the low 40s. By the weekend we will be flirting with near-freezing temps again, which for anything living outdoors is an uncomfortable flirtation at best. The overall trend is towards warmer, wetter weather, it's just being a bit of a roller coaster in the meantime.

Our feline children find these changes interesting, if frustrating; they much prefer sunny days with lots of activity on The Bird Channel. Their favorite show, That Darned Squirrel, is on Spring hiatus due to some outdoor cousins hanging around. We're sure it will resume as soon as the star realizes the outdoor kitties are no real threat. It will be interesting to see what plot twists await when the show picks up later this Spring.

We hope you're enjoying whatever Mother Nature is providing, and that you are sufficiently entertained by the wildlife in your neck of the woods. Have some fun, regardless, and be of Cheer. It's never too soon or too late to be of Cheer.

We'll be back on Friday. Take care Out There!

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