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Sometimes things work out,
Which means it's time to rejoice
While they're still working.
- A Grateful Haiku    

Welcome back on Friday the 22nd, the fourth Friday of 2021. There's a weekend ahead, and that's never a bad thing. May yours be fun and fulfilling!

It's tough being the youngest child, especially if you're a cat. Chris is hardly a kitten any more, but he's still mostly in Play All Day mode and doesn't understand why his older siblings prefer to take naps after breakfast. Except for a brief time known as the Evening Crazies, our kids tend to be pretty mellow most of the day. Their idea of excitement is to convert sunshine into purrs. That doesn't rate high on the Fun scale as far as Christopher is concerned. He prefers searching the house for new and innovative hiding places from which to pounce on an unsuspecting brother or sister - if he doesn't fall asleep first. Even 3-year-old kittens need their naptime.

Our girls, the two elder cats in the family, prefer napping with a nice warm human if the sun isn't available. Whether a human is readily available or not is a matter of some feline distress, and they are not above trying to persuade one of us to make them a proper nap spot, usually by looking simultaneously cute and mournful. "Cat's In The Cradle" is their favorite tune at those times, urging distracted humans to remember that time is fleeting... and really, how long can a nap take?

We're fortunate in that our kids aren't spoiled. At all. In the least.

Whatever you're up to this weekend, keep your friends and loved ones in mind, and don't forget to sneak in an occasional nap if the opportunity presents itself. Accomplishing things and having fun is great, but naps are important, too!

We'll be back on Monday, assuming we don't oversleep. Be of Great Cheer, y'hear?!

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