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This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

When exercising,
Remember: pears have shapes, too.
Don't be elitist.
- A Rounded Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb. It's Wednesday, and the Pink Moon is just past full. We hope you got to see it.

This past weekend we also had the Lyrid meteor showers. There was some concern that the glare of the waxing moon would outshine the meteors, but we were lucky here in Oz: clouds moved in and obscured the moon. Sadly, they also obscured the meteor shower. You can't have everything, right?

We hope things are going well in your part of the world. Take care, and wander back this way on Friday if you can.

Cheers, y'all!

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WHAT'S NEW - Updated Apr 24 '24
It's Wednesday, so there's a new
Faux Pas online. For those who are catching up, the Faux Pas archives are online thanks to the very fine folks at Purrsia.com.

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