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Thngs To Visit Welcome to the FoxWeb.

This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

Life is not perfect.
It is not fair, or unfair.
Life is just a stage.
- An Actor's Haiku    

Welcome back to another Wacky Wednesday. One week from Christmas Eve, two weeks to the end of the year. Time flies, and with luck we can all fly along with it. Luggage and all.

Have you tried being fictional lately? We touch on this topic every now and again, the need to step back from what you're doing and pretend you are a fictional character, dealing with the things going on around you. It's a very useful way to de-stress, to get a grip and focus your concentration on things that really matter. Especially around holidays, it's easy to get wrapped up in details and small frustrations, and forget why you even care what's happening.

If you find yourself tensing up over events around you, imagine that you are a fictional character who must deal with the things on your plate. What would a fictional version of yourself do? What options would you pursue? What consequences might you incur if you took an alternate route to your destination? What course of action would get you where you most want to be?

Sometimes a little alternative thinking can save your sanity. If you're at an intersection and want to turn left, but traffic keeps you from doing so for minute after frustrating minute - why not turn right instead? Chances are you can make a few right turns and end up where you want to be, minus all the grousing and screaming and raising of blood pressure that you create by not being able to turn left. You might even see some parts of the world you would never see otherwise, and who knows what wonders you might discover in the process?!

Give yourself a vacation from being you for a few minutes, and see what the "ideal you" might do in your situation. It might save you time, and money, and gas, and blood pressure medicine, and maybe even your sanity. It never hurts to find some simple joy in any given day.

Here in Oz we're facing a few challenges ourselves, and we're trying to stay as positive and inventive as we can in dealing with them. What this means for the long run remains to be seen, but we'll carry on one way or another and enjoy the journey as best we can. May you find ways to do the same on this wonderful mid-month midweek.

For now: be of Cheer, and share a little Cheer with those around you. 'Tis the season; you can get away with it.

We'll be back on Friday. Take care, and go fictional!

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