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The trickiest part
Of playing fetch with your cat
Is finding lost mice.
- A Toy Haiku    

Hello again, and welcome to another Tuesday update of the FoxWeb. We'll be continuing the TuFr update schedule for another week or two, but eventually we'll work our way back to MoWeFr again. We appreciate your patience with the reduced schedule in the meantime; thank you!

The earliest note from history for July 16th is from 463, when the lunar cycle of Hilarius was introduced. In spite of his name, Pope Hilarius was not remembered for being a particularly jovial fellow, but hey - fame is fame, and the moon is pretty big as historical things go. There are worse ways to be remembered.

In 1790, the U.S. Congress officially declared that Washington D.C. would be the permanent capital of the United States. Things there have been a mess ever since.

In 1862, David Farragut was made the first Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy. His proposal to be known as the first Gut of the Navy was dismissed out of hand, as "rear admiral" had greater potential for ribald humor.

More lunar history: on this date in 1969, Apollo 11 launched on its historic rendezvous with the moon. It was the first of six missions to land men on the moon, and many believed it was the beginning of the greater exploration of the universe by mankind. In spite of the long hiatus in manned missions to other worlds, many people still hope we will get there someday. Time will tell.

In 1973, Alexander Butterfield revealed the existence of the infamous White House tapes as they related to the Watergate investigations. In doing so, it was revealed that President Nixon was not much of a singer.

Making history is a chancy occupation, but doing something great is worth the effort, even if nobody notices. Keep your wits about you, and if you get the chance to make a difference somewhere, do what you can to make things better. The world as a whole can use all the support it can get.

Aloha, y'all!

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