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Thngs To Visit Welcome to the FoxWeb.

This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

Something beautiful
Was once an obnoxious worm
Gnawing on your plants.
- A Transformative Haiku    

Greetings on your Monday! Here in the States it's Labor Day, the culmination of yet another 3-day weekend and for many the official end of Summertime. It's a day when many workers celebrate having a paying job by taking the day off... and if that makes sense to you, then you probably have a future in government!

Here in Oz, the primary hard drive on our main art computer decided to take the weekend off and has yet to check back in. Fortunately we've gotten pretty good at backing things up as we go, so it is a major annoyance rather than a total catastrophe. It does mean we'll be a bit slow here and there, so please be patient. Once we get things back up to speed with the computer, we'll see about getting back up to speed ourselves.

It's a process.

Whatever you're doing this particular Monday, make the most of it and enjoy the processes in your own life. We're officially into the final triad of 2014, so start planning ahead for the fabulousness to come.

We'll be back in a couple of days. Be of Cheer, y'hear?!

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WHAT'S NEW - Updated Sep 01 '14
It's Monday, and there's a new
Faux Pas online. We normally update the strip on a MoWeFr schedule; for those who are catching up, the Faux Pas archives are online thanks to the very fine folks at

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