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When one season ends,
Another will soon begin.
Life is all cycles.
- A Transitional Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb. We've made it: today is the last day of Summer. By sunrise on Saturday we will officially and for real be into Autumn. Just three months and a week or so until we reach the end of the year. Make the most of what time you've got!

- unless you're Down Under, in which case: Happy Spring! (The calendar year still ends in a little over three months.)

Those of us favored by Daylight Savings Time still have a little daylight left while we're washing the dinner dishes. As of tomorrow the night will come along faster and faster; and at some point we'll lose DST and the evening will get really dark, really fast. It's a good time to check your indoor lighting and your supply of candles, just for fun.

Here in Oz we always have candles on hand, because, you know - romance. They're also fun during thunderstorms, when we sometimes lose power for one reason or another. Flashlights are fine if you're searching for things, but candles are more fun.

We're big on fun here in Oz.

We hope your transition to Autumn is fun, and that whatever you have coming up will be both satisfying and enjoyable. Take care Out There, think some good thoughts, and be of Great Cheer!

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