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Imagine a world
Where all things always made sense;
What fun would that be?!
- A Newsworthy Haiku    

It's Friday, and the Red Queen's Race continues. On the plus side, we're racking up lots of extra steps, so we should be marathon-worthy in no time!

Here's the setup: we have four feline children, two girls and two boys. When it's time for breakfast, the boys usually eat in their room, while the girls eat in the kitchen with us humans. Recently, however, our eldest daughter has decided she'd rather eat in the Kitty Room, which means the boys must decide whether to wrestle for the remaining bowl or push their sister out of the way. Obvious solution: put three bowls of food in the Kitty Room and one in the kitchen.

The twist: sometimes, one of the boys will decide to eat in the kitchen, meaning we have to have two bowls of food for whichever of our sons romps our way. We don't want to leave out five bowls in two locations for four cats, so what's the easiest way to solve this math problem?

What we've worked out is this: we take three bowls into the Kitty Room, leaving one in the kitchen. Eldest daughter will eat in the Kitty Room, as will one of the boys - and the other boy will either stay or run kitchenward. Once that has been decided, the third food bowl either ends up in the Kitty Room or gets taken back to the kitchen, where the second son will be waiting.

It's a darned good thing we don't spoil our kids!

The point (if there is one) is that every challenge has a solution if you're determined enough to find it. Sometimes you have to get creative, and sometimes you have to make a little extra work for yourself (like lugging around a bowl of cat food) to avoid a larger problem elsewhere. Where that decision point lies with vary from person to person, but that's part of the fun: facing up to your challenges and overcoming them. There's a lot of satisfaction to be gained that way, and experience, too.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, don't give up on finding a satisfactory solution. If Live is a video game, there's always a way to level up; and you'll feel better about yourself once you do!

We'll be back on Monday, food bowls in hand, and we'll hope to see you here again, too. Have a fulfilling weekend, and be of Cheer!

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