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If there's a problem,
Get busy and make it right;
Don't blame someone else!
- A Political Haiku    

Welcome back late on a Friday, close enough to Saturday to make celebrating the weekend seem like a great idea. We hope yours is stating out well, and that it continues to go well in every possible way!

Events mark the passage of time. Some take note upon seeing the First Robin of Spring, for example. We can't do that in Oz, because it's impossible to tell if the robin we're seeing is the first of Spring of just the last of Winter. Seeing a robin in early January doesn't mean Spring has arrived, but it certainly confuses the local worm population.

A more interesting (if annoying) event is the First Indoor Fly of Spring. The little guys wake up and start trying to sneak in to see what they've missed during the Winter months.

As of today, we've officially seen our first indoor fly of 2019. The cats are glad to have something new and interesting to chase, endangering every item at any height on any surface in the house. This is not nearly as much fun for us humans as it is for our feline children, but it provides reason to start hitting garage sales to replace those items the cat/fly combinations have destroyed.

* sigh *

Still, we're enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather, so some minor house-wrecking is probably a small price to pay. Eventually the kids will get better in their hunts, or we'll run out of things for them to destroy, and peace will reign once again. We admire their enthusiasm, trying to keep the house free of varmints, and its not like we can talk them out of it anyway, so... Life goes on.

We hope your first weekend of Spring is joyful and fun, and reasonably non-destructive. We'll be back on Tuesday; until then, be of Cheer and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy!

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