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This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

Just push the button
And hope this time it all works.
If not... try again.
- A Determined Haiku    

Wednesday is here, and Summer is winding down. It has been crazy lately, what with hurricanes and earthquakes and toy stores going bankrupt, but this too shall pass. If living awhile teaches you anything, it's that everything has its time, and time keeps on ticking into the future. Today's crisis is tomorrow's history. The trick is to live through it.

Everything is awesome, living the dream. Keep on keeping on.

We'll be back on Friday when Autumn begins officially. Until then, enjoy the last days of Summer and think good thoughts, and make the future better if you can. We could all use a better future!

Aloha, y'all.

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WHAT'S NEW - Updated Sep 20 '17
It's Wednesday, so there's a new
Faux Pas online. We normally update the strip on a MoWeFr schedule; for those who are catching up, the Faux Pas archives are online thanks to the very fine folks at Purrsia.com.

Margaret's graphic novel comic Tales Of The ShadowWood is still on sale via DriveThru Comics! Click here to open a new browser window and order your copy today!

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