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Living a good life
Is more about what you do
Than what you possess.
- An Accomplished Haiku    

It's Wacky Wednesday, the last one of March 2017. Exciting, isn't it?!

Those of you who are regulars here know that our son is a cat. His name is Pippin, aka ThunderPaws. He's the youngest of our four feline children, and also the largest by half. Fortunately he is also extremely mellow and good natured, because if he were to turn mean he would be a real problem.

One of his habits is to body-slam us humans when he wants attention. Forepaws tucked under, he hops like a kangaroo straight into the air and thumps us with his shoulder. When he was a kitten, it was his hope that we would catch him at the apex of his leap, which worked fairly often if we weren't carrying dishes or were otherwise engaged. He is heavy enough these days that trying to catch him in mid-leap would threaten back muscles, so he contents himself with the body slam to let us know he'd like some attention. It's disconcerting, but beats getting an annoyed scratch on the leg, arm or someplace more sensitive.

Similarly, when he's ready to leave the cat bedroom (what we humans call the bathroom), he does his kangaroo hop just to the height of the doorknob to make sure we understand where his interest lies. Again, he does this with forepaws tucked under, which is fortunate as he might otherwise pull the doorknob out of the door. We think he may realize that a door with no doorknob effectively becomes another wall, one he can't get through. That might be human thinking, but either way he's one clever kitty.

We hope you are finding ways to approach the challenges in your life without putting barriers between yourself and what you want to achieve. Sometimes it pays to keep your paws off, and work with others who know what they're doing in order to get what you want or need. Some things don't lend themselves to Amateur Hour, and it's a wise human or cat who knows when to seek help.

For now, enjoy the midweek and keep on keeping on. We'll be back on Friday to wrap up the month, and hope you'll join us. Be of Great Cheer, y'hear?!

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