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Try not to worry
If things don't go as you'd like.
Try another wish!
- A Dreamer's Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb! Today is the first Friday of June, leading us into the first weekend of June. May it be everything you could hoped for.

So what's the story with June? June is a gender-neutral name from the Latin word juvenis which translates as "young people." As a name, it actually comes from the Summer month of June, which itself is derived from the name of Juno, a powerful Roman goddess who was considered the protector of marriage and young women. In an effort to balance things out in modern times, Father's Day occurs in June, so take that as you will.

From an astronomical standpoint, June is one of those months when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun and thus receives more sunlight during the course of a day. The North Pole's tilt toward the Sun is greatest at the Summer solstice (June 21st), which is the longest day of the year north of the equator.

In Chinese folk lore - or possibly yolk lore - it is said that if you can stand an egg on its end during the solstice, you will have an entire year of good luck. The best part is, you can still use that egg to make an omelet, which is lucky if you're fond of breakfasts. And you don't even have to be Chinese!

For those who are into grilling, place a raw egg on the hot grill, turn it occasionally until the shell starts to turn brown, and voila: BBQ grilled egg! Remove the shell and enjoy the oddball looks you get from your friends as they gnosh on their burgers and hot dogs.

Being a little wacky is worth whatever effort you put into it.

If you're looking for something else to celebrate, today is National Doughnut Day, and some doughnut chains are giving away free doughnuts to mark the occasion. They probably won't let you have enough free doughnuts to make your own doughnut chain, but hey: it's a start!

We'll be back on Monday. Until then, enjoy whatever you get up to this weekend, and think some good thoughts. One can never have too many good thoughts.

Aloha, y'all!

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