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Look. See Dick and Jane.
See the tornado roll through.
Fly, Dick and Jane! Fly!
- A Twisty Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb! It's Wednesday again, though here in Oz we'd be tempted to call it Winds-day. It's been an exciting couple of days here, though not the sort of excitement we're usually looking for. Then again, it's Spring; and this season in Oz means storms and tornados.

A theoretical sign of Spring is seeing your first robin of the year. In our case, that happened the first week of January. A more reliable seasonal indicator is seeing the first firefly (or lightning bug, depending on where you grew up), heralding the coming of Summer. Ours showed up Monday night between storms, which might explain why he was here, blown in by a rapidly moving storm front. Whatever the reason, he joins the ranks of flies, ticks and mosquitoes that have settled into the area, ready to make Summer the season we all know and love.

That said, our firefly is only a few days ahead of Memorial Day, which here in the States has become the unofficial start to Summer. Folks are already buying up all the hot dog and hamburger buns they can carry in anticipation of a weekend of grilling. Fun times await!

We hope your Wednesday provides some fun times, and that the rest of the week gets you geared up for a fabulous weekend. We'll be back on Friday, Mother Nature permitting; until then, be of Cheer, y'hear?!

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