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Google is great, but:
To do well on Jeopardy
You have to know stuff.
- An Encyclopedic Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb. It's Friday, and the weekend is ahead.

The Bird Channel has presented us with a mystery. We routinely set out suet for the birds who prefer such things, and have the feeder hanging from a string between trees to discourage raccoons from wandering off with it. (Which they did frequently when we had the feeder on a simple pole.) The woodpeckers and blue jays love it, the squirrels ignore it... it has worked out really well.

Recently we were forced to buy peanut-based suet because the usual seed-only variety was out of stock. Same feeder, same string, same trees... but somehow, the peanut suet disappeared sometime after sundown and before sunrise. It normally takes the birds a couple of days to go through a suet cake, and this new variety was disappearing overnight. Raccoons could do that, but they couldn't get to the suet feeder without breaking the string holding it. Squirrels were still not interested, and usually don't come out after dark anyway. So - ?

Is it possible lightweight peanut-loving owls flapped in? Hoards of acrobatic mice? Wandering JIF-loving Deer? Aliens with too much jelly? We don't know, we haven't caught anyone in the act. Unsolved Mysteries has yet to offer their assistance, so we're forced to sit back and ponder the curiousness of it all....

So okay, this doesn't rank among the top conundrums confronting the human race. Still, it's entertaining if mildly expensive, as most good mysteries are.

We hope you're finding challenges to keep you interested as you wander through Life, and we appreciate your spending a little time here with us. Have a good weekend, stay safe and healthy, and we'll hope to see you here again on Tuesday.

Cheers, y'all!

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