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Once or thrice a year,
Take some time to celebrate
And enjoy your cake!
- A Party Haiku    

Welcome to the FoxWeb for another Wacky Wednesday! We are finally back in the saddle again after a brief excursion away from the studio, so we'll get things ship-shape as quickly as possible. Of course, being ship-shape works best if you're on a ship - so maybe we'll work on making things art-shape. Or fox-shape? You wouldn't be here if you didn't like foxes, right?

If you're a birder, today is National Eagle Day, commemorating the adoption of the Bald Eagle as the national symbol of the United States (1782). It would have happened earlier, but the whole thing was tied up in committee because some wanted the Bluebird Of Happiness as the national symbol, while Benjamin Franklin routinely referred to obstinate congressmen as turkeys. Such is the nature of politics.

Samuel Morse patented his telegraph on this day in 1840, and got in enough practice to announce the entry of West Virginia as the 35th state of the Union in 1863 - though it would be a number of years before the state was immortalized by John Denver with his song, "Take Me Home, Country Roads."... but then, these things take time.

In 1960, Hanna-Barbera's The Huckleberry Hound Show became the first animated series to win an Emmy, proving that you can't keep a good dog down. 15 years later, Bruce the shark hit the silver screen in a little-known film called Jaws, which went on to win a few awards of its own. (Mostly for music, which fits because Huck could belt out a mean tune, too, when he had a mind to.)

Lots of nifty things happened on this date, so sneak out and celebrate a little, just to say you did. We'll be back on Friday, and we hope you'll wander back this way to join us. Until then: take care, be of Great Cheer, and be excellent to one another!

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