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Keep track of your time.
Someday it might prove useful
To know where it goes....
- A Planning Haiku    

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to the FoxWeb.

Today is National Seafood Bisque Day, which is a bit of a stretch if you don't live on a coast. If you're stuck inland somewhere and looking to celebrate, wander by your nearest Red Lobster or Long John Silver's and hope for the best. For those who do live near the ocean, bon appetit! May your lobster be fresh and your clams always friendly.

Wednesday is National Brandied Fruit Day, and Thursday is Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. The latter at least fits in with the season, when Pumpkin Spice Everything is the special of the day. As for brandied fruit, you're celebrating by eating fruit, which is healthy for you; and brandy is made from wine, which is made from grapes - even more fruit!

As with anything these days, it's all in how you look at it.

We hope your days are joyful and productive, and that you're looking forward to something fun. We'll be back on Friday - National Nut Day - and with luck you'll feel like wandering back this way again.

Regardless: take care Out There, and be of Great Cheer!

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