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When the moon is full
And planets and stars align,
Things get amazing.
- A Lunie Haiku    

It's Friday, and the weekend is upon us. Time to get festive!

This weekend, folks in both North and South America will be treated to something fun and rare: a Super Blood Wolf Moon. This is the first blood-red super moon since 2014; it's called a "wolf moon" because some peoples believed it appeared when wolves howleed in hunger outside villages. This one will take place Sunday night in the States, and end in the wee hours of Monday morning - give or take a few hours, depending on which time zone you're in. A perfect time to be out in the dark staring at the sky, while hungry wolves roam the plains. They might roam some neighborhoods as well, but most hungry wolves are reluctant to enter areas with a lot of light pollution.

In the meantime, today's celebrations include National Winnie The Pooh Day, National Peking Duck Day, and National Thesaurus Day. While Pooh is a better-known character than Peking Duck, both are fondly regarded and well worth celebrating. The mighty Thesaurus died out in the late Cretaceous period over 65 million years ago, though it lives on in B-movies and certain sci-fi/fantasy novels.

We hope you find ways to be of Cheer this weekend, and that you'll share it with anyone you run into. (After you apologize for running into them, of course.) Things are strange all around these days, even without blood-red super wolves roaming around. Be nice when you can, but always be kind. Doctor's orders!

We'll be back on Monday. Until then, take care Out There!

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