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The Background
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NOTE: These bios are presented with an eye towards what has been revealed
via those strips which are currently online, and will be updated accordingly. However,
some "secret" plot/character details may sneak through - so caveat emptor.

Stu - Male Rabbit - First appearance: Week #7

Stu is a magic rabbit in every possible sense of the word. He started life as a magician's rabbit, popping out of boxes, hats and sleeves on command, and he learned the tricks of the trade along the way. He ended up at GMSA when his owner gave up the biz, and he's been leading a relaxed life ever since, performing tricks from time to time simply to amuse his farmmates.

Of all the animals at GMSA, Stu had the most successful career, appearing in TV commercials and in movies on a fairly regular basis before the farm was sold to Kira's humans. He lives in a hutch with his mate, Eddie, and is responsible for a literal herd of bunny kits whom he adores equally. He plays confidant to Randy and is a caring friend to the others, sharing what he's learned and helping out any way he can.

Stu is the most inventively clever of the animals at GMSA (if you ignore the fiendish cleverness of the cats). When Randy needs help finding Cindy at one point, it is Stu who does the tracking. He is also good at quick analysis of what's going on, though he is slow to accuse anyone of misdeeds if he doesn't have absolute proof of their guilt.

Stu is a clever, helpful friend who always cuts the cards.