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The Background
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NOTE: These bios are presented with an eye towards what has been revealed
via those strips which are currently online, and will be updated accordingly. However,
some "secret" plot/character details may sneak through - so caveat emptor.

Randy - Male Fox - First appearance: Week #1

Randy is the unannounced and unofficial leader of the animals at GMSA, mostly because he's the one the others rely on to try and solve any problems that crop up. His life and career have been a series of accidents, fortunate and otherwise. As a kit he found himself in a pet shop whose owner thought he was a smelly, funny-looking dog. His first owner recognized him for what he was, took him to GMSA and trained him to be an animal actor. He appeared in a number of commercials and photo shoots (none wildly successful), and his movie career has been anything but stellar.

When GMSA was sold, Randy acquired a new problem: a large herd of cats who consider him the ultimate cat toy. Once they appear, Randy divides his time between having a life and avoiding the cats, and the division rarely falls in Randy's favor. Randy doesn't ask his fellow non-cats for help, partly out of pride and partly because he's afraid the cats will turn their attention on them and that idea doesn't sit well with him. The few times he tries standing up to the cats, they face him down and have a field day after calling his bluff.

The appearance of Cindy adds considerably to Randy's life. Cindy shows him a life he has only seen in wildlife shows on TV, and presents him with his first real opportunity at dating - which causes other problems, since Randy's idea of romance comes from watching old movies, and Cindy's instincts are to do what comes naturally. The other animals alternately empathize and find amusement in Randy's situation; the cats delight in trying to embarrass Randy in front of Cindy at every opportunity.

Randy is the everyday sort of hero: he does the best he can in a world where he has almost no control at all.