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The Background
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Other Characters
Although Faux Pas centers around Randy and his friends at GMSA, some characters are seen more often than others, and some haven't appeared in the online series yet. The main cast is listed above; what follows are the "extras" - both those who have shown up and those still waiting in the wings. We'll update this section from time to time to keep it reasonably current.

Characters Who HAVE Appeared In The Strip
Eddie/Edie (Female Rabbit) - First appearance: Week #23
Eddie is Stu's wife and mother to a hutchful of little bunnies. She lives at GMSA and helps out whenever she can (or must). She is not the most patient of souls, preferring a direct, no-nonsense approach to things; but she has a good heart and never tries to make trouble for anyone. She is known as 'Eddie' rather than 'Edie' because rabbit gender is tricky for humans to determine when bunnies are young, and her former owner had failing eyesight; and going under her assumed name also let her cohabitate with Stu, so she let it slide.
   A list of their kids would fill out a page; their eldest include Annie, Danny, Fluffy, Greg, Penny and Thomas.

Vert Lin (Male Mole) - First appearance: Week #43
Sometimes known as Philosopher Mole, Vert Lin lives in an old, abandoned TV set near GMSA where he acts as a psychic advisor to Myrtle. Myopic in the extreme and more than a little vague on names, he takes himself and his 'abilities' very seriously, often overestimating the amount of respect he holds among others. The only one who accepts him as he would be accepted is Myrtle, but she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier herself.

Rags (Male German Shepherd) - First appearance: Week #50
Rags is a guard dog at the local Wildlife Center, and a casual friend of Randy's. He is a nice fellow overall, though not above playing jokes on Myrtle if he can catch her off guard. Unlike Randy's annoyance with housecats, Rags is actively afraid of them - normally not a problem, since very few cats show up in the live traps set out by the Wildlife Center.

Snaps/Schnapps (Male German Shepherd) - First appearance: Week #53
Another guard dog at the Wildlife Center, Snaps is best known for having no sense of humor and an overblown pride in his (theoretical) German heritage. Not the brightest bulb on the block, he is a fierce protector of the Center and has little patience with Rags, his fellow guard dog, whom he considers too easy-going.

Ricky and Alphonse (Male Raccoons) - First appearance: Week #54
These half-brothers first meet Randy during his unsuccessful search for Cindy. Ricky, the younger and more impressionable of the pair, has a burning desire to become a star on stage and screen, but doesn't quite understand why animals are relegated to playing animal roles. Alphonse, slightly older and better-grounded in reality, sticks by his near-sibling in order to keep him out of trouble.

Angel (Male English Sheepdog) - First appearance: Week #65
Angel is the shaggy partner of the local veterinarian, helping his owner by noting which animals need the most medical attention. Large and easy-going, he's a good friend to those in need

Fluffy (Male Rabbit) - First appearance: Week #67
The oldest and largest of Stu & Eddie's kids, Fluffy has little patience for anything adorable and cute - mostly because that's what everyone sees him as being, when he'd rather be thought of as a rough and tumble sort of guy. He has learned something of the martial arts from watching old Bruce Lee movies, and is generally the most sensible of the younger rabbits.

Dusk (Female Fox) - First appearance: Week #85
Cindy's cousin on her mother's side, Dusk is the vixen from the wrong side of the tracks; a self-assured predator who knows her own mind - and also knows how to cloud the minds of male foxes around her. She takes an interest in Randy when she discovers that Cindy is interested in him, and devotes her time to making life distressingly interesting for everyone in sight.

Jon (Male Rabbit) - First appearance: Week #109
Penny's wild-born beau, Jon appeared in time to save her from an unfortunate run-in with Dusk outside the barn. He soon becomes a regular at the barn, eventually becoming Penny's fiance.

Thor (Male Fieldmouse) - First appearance: Week #122 (off-scene)
Head of the local field mouse population, Thor shows up initially to demand atonement from Randy and company for injuries suffered at the paws of Dusk and various roaming cats. A miniature dynamo, Thor speaks of himself in the third person, annoying Eddie to his ongoing detriment.

Cocky (Male Cockatiel) - First appearance: Week #131
Hired by Myrtle to speak for her, Cocky became a self-appointed agent for Randy during a photo shoot, then managed to complicate things when Randy subsequently disappeared. lives near GMSA.

Birdy (Female Bluebird) - First appearance: Week #188
A woodlands friend of Cindy's from her earliest kithood.

April (Female Fox) - First appearance: Week #226
Randy's long-lost sister. She shows up with three kits: Amber (female), Ember (female) and Leaf (male).

Characters Waiting In The Wings
The characters listed below have not appeared in the online strips (or have only had a passive role), but are popular enough via their offline appearances that folks keep asking who they are and what their story is. We're not going to list everyone in the series, since that list is over a hundred names long and even naming them or giving their species might tip off storylines yet to appear online... but we do want to address the curiosity of dedicated (and impatient) fans of the strip.

Spoiler Warning: This is not much more than a quick list of character names and relationships; but if you would prefer to learn about these characters the "right" way, as they are introduced through the strips, turn back now!

If you're desperate to know even a little more about prominent characters yet to come, on your head be it. We've left out most of the details, to preserve some of the fun and suspense....

Benjamin (Male Ibyx/Goat) - lives at/near GMSA.

Bruce (Male Timber Wolf) - lives at the zoo.

Dart (Female Deer) - lives in the woods.

Farrah (Female Cat) - visiting cat who stays at GMSA.

Felix (Male Maned Wolf) - lives at the zoo.

Herb (Male Rabbit) - lives in the wild near GMSA.

Lady (Female Tiger) - lives at the zoo.

Pandora (Female Cat) - Kira's official housemate, lives at GMSA.

RRama (Female Llama) - addition to GMSA.

Rudy (Male Wolf) - lives at the zoo.

Rusty (Male Irish Setter) - lives near GMSA.

San (Male Snake) - born in the wild, comes to live at GMSA.

Serenity (Female Cat) - "stray" cat, comes to live at GMSA.

Trapper (Male Fox) - lives in the woods far away from GMSA.

Thwim (Male Otter) - lives at the zoo.

T'ink and T'ing (Male and Female Pandas) - live at the zoo.

Zen (Male Otter) - lives at the zoo.

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