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The Background
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NOTE: These bios are presented with an eye towards what has been revealed
via those strips which are currently online, and will be updated accordingly. However,
some "secret" plot/character details may sneak through - so caveat emptor.

Kira - Female Cat - First appearance: Week #1

Kira is a cat, which pretty much says it all. Cat philosophy tells her that cats own the universe and that other creatures exist solely to feed or amuse cats. Kira's introduction to GMSA pretty much reinforces that belief when she discovers Randy's breakfast and Randy in that order: a meal and entertainment. She quickly sizes up Randy and realizes he is no real threat, especially since her humans now own GMSA.

With typical cat prowess, Kira conjures up lots of feline friends and invites them to the buffet represented by Randy's food bin. When Randy objects, the cats turn him into the cat toy du jour, then neglect to update the menu thereafter. Kira keeps an eye on "her" fox to make sure he is never permanently damaged, since really good cat toys are hard to come by. When Cindy appears, she quickly realizes that this female fox is no one to mess with and worries that Randy will learn the ways of the wild; but Randy steps in to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and cements himself into his role under the impression he is saving Cindy from the cats. Kira lets this slide, and the fun goes on.

Kira's relationship with the other non-cats is wary and polite, and mostly from a safe distance. Their lives are none of her concern since she has humans to look after and Randy to amuse her. She is careful to keep her paws clean where her humans are concerned, and keeps her fellow felines in line lest they all lose their meal ticket. That aside, her concerns are the concerns of any cat: a warm place to nap and an occasional bit of fun.

Kira is the in-house nemesis Randy could do without, but she never crosses the line unless it suits her to do so.