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The Background
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NOTE: These bios are presented with an eye towards what has been revealed
via those strips which are currently online, and will be updated accordingly. However,
some "secret" plot/character details may sneak through - so caveat emptor.

Cindy - Female Fox - First appearance: Week #6

Cindy is a born-in-the-wild vixen who lived a quiet, reasonably normal life in the woods before she ran into the crazy animals at GMSA. When she first saw Randy, her heart leapt: here was a handsome, healthy male fox with lunch (Myrtle) sitting on his back. It soon became apparent that while Randy might be many things, "normal" was going to take some working on. Not only did he live on a human-built farm, he'd made friends of what Cindy considered meals.

Her introduction to GMSA was more confusing and confounding than anything she'd ever experienced, bringing her into contact with animals she'd never dreamed existed. Putting her instincts in idle, she allowed herself to be led from one amazement to another and tried to connect what she was learning with anything from her past. Most confusing of all, this hunk of a male fox playing guide seemed to know nothing of life in the wild. Clearly, Cindy had her work cut out for her.

Her first major experiences with Randy might have convinced a less curious vixen to run for the hills and not turn back. Cindy fought that urge because of Randy: this sweet, gentle fox knew things that seemed like magic, and his friends accepted her as something very special.

- except for Myrtle, who immediately perceived Cindy as a threat and did everything she could to run Cindy off. ('Nuf said on that for now....)

Cindy had an immediate run-in with the cats at GMSA; but where Randy fell for their tricks, Cindy sidestepped each trap and turned it back on its feline owner, earning her the respect of the feline community. She could easily run the entire population off, but her understanding of their relationship with Randy is confused at best - so she leaves them be.

With joy and curiosity, Cindy brings a bright fresh outlook to GMSA.