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The Background
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NOTE: These bios are presented with an eye towards what has been revealed
via those strips which are currently online, and will be updated accordingly. However,
some "secret" plot/character details may sneak through - so caveat emptor.

Arthur - Male Horse - First appearance: Week #4

Arthur is the wise old animal of the farm, a stable influence in every sense of the word. His would-be career is far enough behind him not to be a concern, so he spends his time reading and improving his mind. It is through Arthur that the others have learned or are learning to read Human, though their interest and dedication thereto are intermittent at best.

Arthur has one significant phobia: being ridden by humans. This fear kept him from having a career on the big or small screen, though he earned some acclaim for his role as a runaway horse in TV westerns. Being of non-spectacular lineage he will never be put out to stud, so he spends his time watching over and advising his fellow farmmates as best he can.

Being nearsighted and without workable hands, Arthur must rely on the others to help him from time to time, a situation which has encouraged his desire to help others in return. By being large and sturdy, he provides the others with a platform from which to view the world, literally as well as philosophically. With practice and determination fueled by a lack of options, he has learned to tongue and nibble his way through a world where hands are normally required....

Caring, kindly and wise, Arthur is the fill-in grandfather the others can turn to for advice and support.